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about us

Bulik is a Polish manufacturer and producer of premium quality sweets with over 70 years of experience. Using traditional recipes and selecting only the best products we create unforgettable flavours that are the hallmark of our brand.

In addition to manufacturing sweets under our own brand we also provide production services for external brands. We work with clients from many countries. We have the IFS Foods food safety certificate. We look forward to working with you!

Our portfolio ranges from traditional sugar-based candies, gluten-free, sugar-free as well as vegan candies. We have an innovation laboratory in our factory. Do you have an idea for an unusual candy? We will help you make your candy dreams come true!

our sweet story

The company’s origins date back to 1950 when Tadeusz Bulik manufactured his first sweets. But it wasn’t until the 1980s when the company really expanded. Under the current management the once home-based candy factory evolved into a brand with an established market position and a global reach. Our sweets can be found in stores across Europe, Asia, the Middle-East, and North America.

Through continuous development, passion and commitment to excellence, the company is constantly expanding its range to meet the tastes of its customers. At the moment, we specialise in the production of chewable soluble candies, hard caramels (unfilled and filled) and toffee candies. During our production process we use only natural dyes and flavours, fruit juices, vitamins and minerals. A lack of preservatives and allergens ensure the highest quality of our products.

our mission

Our company's mission is to produce the highest quality candies at affordable price, and to provide a comprehensive production services for private labels, including:

  • the highest quality and safety of the product based on the IFS Food standard

  • flexibility in cooperation with the client

  • short waiting times of order fulfillment

  • MMQ price optimization


Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers and the continuous improvement of trust in our products.

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